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November 12, 2016

Helping Victims with Scars and Disfigurement

Scars and disfigurement arising from a motor vehicle accident, burn, or another serious incident, have a substantial long-term impact on the lives of accident victims, both in terms of physical suffering and psychological ramifications. Victims may be entitled to compensation if someone’s negligence caused their injury.
November 9, 2016

Third cyclist injured using recently opened bike lane on O’Connor Street

Third cyclist injured using recently opened bike lane on O'Connor Street
November 3, 2016

Ontario Court Orders Quebec Insurer To Pay Damages In Disputed Claim

In Ismail v Pafco Insurance Company, an Ontario Superior Court decided that a Quebec insurer, Desjardins, was liable to pay damages determined by an Ontario court and arising from a car accident in Ontario.
October 31, 2016

How Changes In Marijuana Legislation May Affect Motorists

Earlier this year, the Federal government announced plans to legalize the recreational use of marijuana by 2017. Here we look at what that may mean for motorists and why driving while under the influence of marijuana continues to be a bad decision, whether or not the drug is legalized.
October 26, 2016

Legal Steps After Suffering Injury In A Taxi

Everyday, thousands of Canadians use taxicabs. Here we look at your legal options and steps you should take if you become hurt while a passenger in a taxicab or another vehicle.
October 3, 2016

Driver Courtesy Is Contagious

Several surveys indicate that driver courtesy has taken a severe downturn in most Canadian provinces and many Canadians are increasingly concerned about aggressive and rage-filled drivers. We can make a positive change in this situation by personally adopting courteous practices such as giving a ‘thank you’ wave and not cutting off other vehicles.
September 11, 2016

Brain Injury Among Women

There are differences in the way men and women recover from acquired brain injury (ABI), but research is somewhat lacking in the effects of ABI among women. Two upcoming events will provide valuable information for ABI survivors and their families: a Sept 29th symposium in Toronto on brain injury among women, and a Sept 22nd fundraising dinner in Ottawa hosted by the Brain Injury Association of the Ottawa Valley.
September 7, 2016

When Can I Seek Compensation for Pain & Suffering

Motor vehicle accident victims who were seriously and permanently injured can seek damages for their pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment in life.
September 7, 2016

Back To School Safety

Millions of students went back to school this week and many of these children travel on a school bus. Here we look at some important laws and safety tips for motorists as well as students, to ensure the safety of everyone.
September 4, 2016

Cyclist’s Death Results in Calls for Better Cycling Infrastructure in Ottawa

Cyclist's death results in calls for better cycling infrastructure in the City of Ottawa
August 29, 2016

Claiming Compensation For An Injury Caused By Minor

Accident victims are entitled to file an injury claim against the negligent party who caused their injury and losses. However, what happens when the negligent person is a minor? Here we look at one’s legal options when they have been hurt and/or injured in an accident caused by a minor.
August 24, 2016

Government Crackdowns on Distracted Driving Accidents

Government and police directives throughout North America are aimed at the increasing problem of car accidents and injury caused by distracted driving. Here we look at how the issue of distracted driving has affected Ontarians and the ways in which motorists can reduce incidents.
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