Injuries to Children

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August 31, 2023

Back to school safety tips for kids

School is back in session for many children and they will be returning to school next week. As parents, it’s crucial to recognize […]
February 4, 2023

Snowmobile Safety

Snowmobiling is one of the great ways many Canadians keep active and enjoy the long winter. The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC: […]
July 30, 2022

Litigation Guardians

What is a Litigation guardian? Persons who are under 18 years of age or are affected by a disability or illness that renders […]
January 4, 2021

Burn Tucker Lachaîne Partners Are Certified Specialists in Civil Litigation

Did you know that our three partners at Burn Tucker Lachaîne have been certified as specialist in civil litigation by the Law Society […]
December 15, 2017

Car Seat Safety

Did you know that according to the Ministry of Transportation car collisions are the number one cause of preventable injuries leading to death in children? Although a car seat cannot help you avoid a collision, it can significantly reduce the severity of your child’s injuries when used properly.
June 6, 2017

Bikes and Badges in Cornwall

We had a great time distributing helmets at the Cornwall Community Police Services' Bikes and Badges event, where children learned about bike safety.
May 23, 2017

Helmets on Kids – 10 years in Ottawa

Helmets on Kids - 10 years in Ottawa
July 7, 2016

Rowan’s Law – Youth Concussions

Rowan’s Law brings much needed awareness to the seriousness of concussions in adolescent athletes. Learn how concussions may affect you and your family.
April 5, 2016

Are Snowmobiles Safe For Children

Snowmobiling causes more injuries than any other winter sport in Canada, and can be particularly dangerous for children. Find out how to make snowmobiling safer for everyone.
February 29, 2016

School Bus Safety

While students in Ontario are rarely hurt while riding inside school buses, the frequency of accidents involving students hit by cars while getting on or off a bus is fairly high. Driver inattention is the most common cause of pedestrian-vehicle accidents involving bus students, and this negligent action can have devastating consequences.
February 2, 2016

Choosing the right car seat for your child and installing it correctly

Because of their small stature and lack of muscle strength, children are vulnerable to greater injury when involved in a car accident. One way to help reduce this risk is to choose the right car seat, install it correctly and buckle them in safely.
June 14, 2014

Bike Helmets

Riding a bicycle and other recreational activities are important for children's health. Unfortunately, these activities also carry a risk of injury.
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