Medical travel insurance is intended to cover you if you become ill or are hurt while travelling. This insurance often covers emergency care for a sudden illness such as heart attack or appendicitis, medical evacuation, repatriation if you pass away and medical costs.

Common reasons why travel medical insurance claims are denied

Pre-existing conditions not disclosed
Expenses related to routine or non-emergency care
Your condition was not stable in months or year (a specified period) prior to travel
Failure to notify the insurer immediately after an incident
Claims filed outside the required time frame
Treatment not deemed medically necessary by the insurer

A claim denial is not always the final answer

Your insurer may deny your entitlement to this coverage, resulting in significant costs to you for hospital and physician care while out of the country. They may deny the claim because a pre-existing condition was not disclosed or because the insurer believes that your health was not stable for a specified period of time before you left the country. The insurer’s view may not be correct. We can review your policy, the decision and your medical records to see if the insurer’s decision can be challenged.

Know your rights and act promptly

It is crucial not to delay when it comes to understanding and asserting your rights. Keep in mind that there is a limited timeframe to appeal or contest an insurance claim denial. Act swiftly to protect your interests.

Let our Experienced Lawyers Help

Our goal is to effectively challenge denials and secure the financial support you need to pay for the cost of medical care and transportation costs incurred during your travels.

Our team is committed to advocating on your behalf, whether that means negotiating with insurers or representing you in court. We are on your side.

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