Burn Tucker Lachaîne’s commitment is to provide knowledgeable and compassionate legal representation to clients who have been seriously injured. We help our clients understand their rights, achieve their recovery goals and receive the medical support, benefits and fair compensation to which they are entitled.

We work hard to help our clients resolve their cases – whether by settlement or at trial. Our clients choose to work with us because we bring the legal experience needed to the case, while providing them with the support and guidance they need to move forward.

We have a reputation for being compassionate, experienced and determined in the pursuit of our clients’ rights. Below you can read what some of our past clients have said about our work.

Read what Colleen’s clients say about her:

G.B. - March 2021

“I was desperately trying to find a new lawyer as my lawyer from another firm abandoned me only a few weeks before my 2nd knee operation due to an accident. It was Colleen Burns herself who answered my telephone call. She did not rush me but listened patiently as I was in a turmoil. My ordeal started in September 2013 and we were now in October 2017. Throughout the years, there were a few bumpy moments but Colleen is super patient and realistic about cases and what one can expect . Finally on February 7th there was a settlement. After all that time, I can finally put that awful time behind me. So thank you Colleen and your team for having supported me through that miserable experience and come out of it as a winner.”

H.D. - June 2020

“Sincere thanks to Colleen Burn and her team for their outstanding support and handling of my claim. From my first inquiry until my claim was settled I was impressed with the clear communications, prompt responses, professionalism and honest advice. I highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for a practical, honest approach, and a personal touch. From a client perspective, this firm exceeds expectations.”

B.D. - May 2020

“Colleen Burn handled my lawsuit. When I had questions over the three years of the lawsuit, I could always ask Colleen and she always responded to my emails. She also was accommodating and because of my anxiety in cars came to my home for any meetings we needed to have. During mediation Colleen explained each offer and each step as it progressed. In general, I am pleased with how it all settled.”

W.D. - June 2017

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Colleen and her team for the work they did on my accident case. Ever since our initial conversation, I felt confident about how the case would be handled. It has been a challenging time for me. Your compassion and kindness has helped me through all of the difficult periods. Your open communication with me and keeping me abreast of matters was greatly appreciated. You are by far the best lawyer that I have ever met. Thank you again for helping to bring about a successful resolution.”

D.G. 2016 

“I want to thank Colleen Burn and her team for providing me with top notch legal advice and support during a difficult case. Your professionalism, compassion and kindness went well beyond my expectations. You understood the seriousness of the brain injury I sustained and ensured that nothing was overlooked every step of the way. You believed in me. It is known that cases of domestic violence are very difficult on the victim once they reach trial as it is a revictimization to have to face the abuser. The recent seizures could have put my health at a much greater risk by attending trial and you worked even harder to avoid this.

Thanks to all your hard work and persistence, we obtained a favourable settlement, which avoided trial. I would highly recommend you to anyone needing a calm, confident lawyer in a personal injury claim. Thank you. ????"


“I had a car accident and while I was looking for a lawyer someone directed me to this team. There I found the lawyer who assisted me through all my problems. Her name is Colleen Burn. Colleen is a hard working, kind and caring person. I had difficulties and problems after the car accident - pain, sleeplessness, many medical appointments. It was overwhelming for me but by the help of my wonderful lawyer we overcame the problems. After my trial, others also praised my lawyer. My appreciation for Colleen's work is great, now and for the rest of my life.”


“Colleen, thank you for all you've done for us during our case for personal injuries. When we first sought after a lawyer we realized it wasn't about finding the lawyer who would be the least expensive, but finding a lawyer whom we felt completely comfortable with. Of all the choices we had, and the choices we could have made, we are completely happy and feel fortunate that we had you for our lawyer. You and your team acted in an extremely professional manner which we always felt our best interest was taken into consideration at all times; this made things so much more stress free as we had no problems in trusting you completely, and knew you were turning over every stone in insuring we were heard, and what we had to say mattered, and that our life changing tragedy would be conveyed to whom it concerned."

"The professionalism and dedication of your team has certainly instilled in us complete confidence and trust during this extremely difficult litigation period. We would not hesitate to refer you to any of our family and friends."

"The reason the outcome of this case was in our favor was due to the dedication and hard work from you and your team; for this we want you to know we are extremely grateful.”

Read what Laurie’s clients say about her:

E.L. - April 2021

“Laurie Tucker is an excellent lawyer and I feel very lucky that she took on my case. She always kept my best interests in mind and gave me excellent counsel.”

D.W. - December 2020

“I recently had a successful conclusion to long and sometimes frustrating case, but thankfully i had been advised to seek the help on Burn Tucker Lachaine P.C as my legal council, where I met Laurie Tucker and the staff from her office.

They were very professional and friendly and as i was about to find out very hard working and dedicated to my needs.

My case wasn't a multi-million dollar case by any means but they works as if it were, long hard hours were obviously spent procuring the best possible settlement and to bring it to an agreeable finish. It is without reservation I would recommend this law office for your total satisfaction.”

F.G. - December 2020

“I had the pleasure of working with Laurie Tucker for a couple of years and have had nothing but polite, professional and just overall good experiences with her and the staff. She was very understanding about my situation and did everything possible to assure we had the best outcome. Very highly recommended!”

D.W. - November 2020

“I recently had a successful conclusion to long and sometimes frustrating case, but thankfully i had been advised to seek the help on Burn Tucker Lachaine P.C as my legal council, where I met Laurie Tucker and the staff from her office.

They were very professional and friendly and as i was about to find out very hard working and dedicated to my needs.

My case wasn't a multi-million dollar case by any means but they works as if it were, long hard hours were obviously spent procuring the best possible settlement and to bring it to an agreeable finish. It is without reservation I would recommend this law office for your total satisfaction.”

C.M. - July 2020

“Hello !!!

My experience with " Burn Tucker Lachaine""

Was extremely fast.....over the years.... I always had guidance from Laurie Tucker an Lori Mitchell plus other staff members. It was hard for a little while but things always seem to go well. All in All it's 100% Best recommendation for Personal Injury lawyer

Burn Tucker Lachaine got me what I deserved!!; Thanks for all the support throughout the years.”

B.P. - March 9, 2019

“Laurie and her team went above and beyond. Laurie was professional, passionate and realistic. Laurie and her team were always there to assist and answer any questions. I couldn’t imagine having anyone else by my side. Thank you!”

A.W. - December 2018

“I was referred to Burn Tucker Lachine by my Herbalist who indicated that Laurie Tucker's tenacity is an advantage when dealing intractable insurance companies. Due to time conflicts, I worked with Dani Grandmaitre rather than Laurie. I also worked with Nicole McMullen. I appreciated the quiet calm the BTL team exhibited, as I often got frustrated and angry with my insurance carrier's obtuseness and refusal to acknowledge medical facts. My insurance carrier expended lots of money to deny my claim under the pretext of doing its due diligence.

Due to the insurance industry's power it is sadly necessary to hire competent lawyers such as BTL in order to access one's entitled benefits.

BTL had to file my case in court.

I was very glad to have BTL on my side to help lower my stress levels when dealing with an intractable insurance carrier who denied benefits to their long term customers to boost their profit margins.

I recommend that one should always seek legal advice from competent lawyers such as BTL when denied benefits from insurance companies”

J.A. - December 2018

“Our family approached Laurie Tucker to help us navigate a serious cycling/car accident our son was involved in. From beginning to end of our legal process, we were provided excellent advice and service. The complex process of pursuing legal action was explained clearly to us and what we were told to expect at every step turned out to be very close to our experience. We were provided ample information to be able to make informed decisions and never felt pressured in any way. In fact, the whole process was managed by the team at Burn Tucker Lachaine in a way that minimized stress and gave us confidence that our best interests were being looked after. Laurie was extremely well prepared to argue this case in mediation and very capably negotiated a positive settlement. Fees were very reasonable and billed with detailed accounting. I would highly recommend Laurie and her team to anyone seeking to navigate the insurance and justice system that does not make things easy for someone who has suffered personal injury. For your great competence and personal attention, our family is most grateful Laurie. Thank you to you and your team.”

E.S. - September 2018

“Laurie Tucker, Eliane Lachaîne, Sue Lepine and Phyllis Bergmans: names to be remembered for long time!!!

Laurie and her team acted in an extremely professional manner which my wife and I always felt our best interest was taken into high consideration at all times.

I have the opportunity to work more with Laurie and Sue. They are so smart, helpful, professional, knowledgeable and have lots of experience on that field. I don't think we could've asked for a more professional, talented, thoughtful and honest team representing us.

Thanks to all your hard work and persistence. My wife and I, obtained a very favourable settlement and way more what we were expected without going to the trial. For this we want you to know we are extremely grateful.

I would so highly recommend Laurie Tucker, Sue Lepine and the full team in a heartbeat to anyone needing a calm, hard working, kind, caring person and confident lawyer in a personal injury claim.

My appreciation for Laurie, her team and her work is more than excellent, now and for the rest of my life.

I said it before in person and I will write it here the last time: I bow in front of you Laurie Tucker and Sue Lepine. This is so sincere.”

C.R. - March 2017

“I would also like to say thank you to you, Laurie, for being the most outstanding lawyer I could have ever hoped for, and to you, Nicole, for being so thorough and excellent in your work on my behalf. No matter what 'the other side' was doing, I felt confident in my own team and knew that you had my back, come what may. I don't say that lightly, and I don't say what I don't mean, so please know that I consider you my silver lining in an otherwise really crap circumstance. Everyone I meet who needs a lawyer will be hearing about you from me - I recommend you in a heartbeat and, though I really hope and intend that this does not happen, I will be back on your doorstep if ever I need to be again.”

J.W. - September 2014

“I felt my case was handled by Laurie Tucker with integrity and was resolved in a fair and equitable manner. I am grateful to have had the legal representation and advocacy during a most difficult time for me and my family. Although I am a professional in the area of disability and human rights, I was not in a position to advocate for my own individual needs nor could be objective especially given my health was my priority.”


“Deepest gratitude to Laurie and to her staff for guiding us through one of the most difficult times in our lives. We were extremely fortunate to have such professional and capable people who also knew how and when to extend a compassionate hand. Thank you again for all your efforts and all the best for the future.”


“I suffered a terrible slip and fall over 3 years ago that left me needing many surgeries and permanently impacted my mobility. Colleen and her team were wonderful to both myself and my daughter throughout a very emotionally and physically painful recovery and all the legal proceedings that followed. We were not only well represented but cared for throughout the process. In the end a settlement was reached that allowed myself and my daughter to move on with our lives. I cannot say how important the care and approach given by this firm was to us. I don't think we could've asked for a more professional, talented, thoughtful and honest team representing us. Thank you to Colleen and the full team at the firm for all the hard work.”


“I was treated with so much compassion that it was actually soothing and helped my mental state tremendously. Ms. Tucker, as well as her assistant Sue, made me feel more like a friend more than a client. I was well prepared for discovery by Ms. Tucker and she reiterated that until I felt 100% prepared, we could schedule another appointment until I felt confident to proceed. Due to the way I was treated, I would not hesitate to recommend Ms. Tucker.”

Read what Éliane’s clients say about her:

E.S. - February 2023

“As a result of a fall caused by negligence on privately-owned property, I suffered a significant concussion; the effects of which I still experience today.

As luck would have it, I was given the name of Éliane Lachaîne, a personal injury lawyer and partner with the firm of Burn Tucker Lachaîne. Not only was Ms Lachaîne an expert in her field, she was also patient and extremely kind.

There were no decisions made without the benefit of consultation. Everything related to the case was explained in great detail. In no way did I feel pressured into making any decisions with which I was not comfortable.

She is an exceptional lawyer, who yielded a more than satisfactory result.

In addition, her law clerk, Ms Debi Dryden, was highly professional and equally kind. I cannot thank them enough.

To anyone seeking representation in personal injury matters, I recommend you look no further than Burn Tucker Lachaîne.”

B.F.S. - November 2017

“Dear Eliane,

I want to thank you so much for all of the hard work you and your firm did on our behalf in our suit against the nursing home..

It was not easy for us to pursue this work, but it does let us move on now in a positive way, knowing that our dear mother did not die in vain and that we have done something to improve the long term care in Ontario.

Thank you so much. It was a pleasure working with you and your colleagues.”

M.C. - March 2016

“I wish to thank Eliane for her hard work and dedication throughout my case. I always felt like she understood clearly what my needs were and would do everything in her power to see that I was protected. She gives off an aura of strength and that is always very present especially when you meet with opposing counsel.”

M.M.A.L.H. - 2014

“Eliane Lachaine is more than just a lawyer. She took our case and worked very hard for us. At times we wanted to quit, or give up, but she persuaded us not to give up. Eliane and Lori Mitchell are very professional in what they do. They never stop working hard. With some of my injuries, I had a very hard time understanding but Eliane took the time to explain, and help us through it. I would and will always recommend the legal services of Eliane and Lori. Thank you for your superb and caring help through our troubles.”

R.W. - 2013

“Many thanks to Éliane Lachaîne and her team for all their help. Éliane is truly professional at what she does and I will recommend her firm to my friends if the need arises.”


“I would like to thank Éliane Lachaîne and Susan Lepine for handling my personal injury claim so well. The final settlement of my claim was very satisfactory; in fact it exceeded my expectations! I will definitely recommend Éliane Lachaîne to anyone who needs a first-class lawyer.”

Read what our clients say about us:


“We were just reflecting that it has been one year since we settled our case. We wanted to again thank you and your team. We so appreciate the way you handled our case. Your professional attention over the years kept us well informed and level-headed. You managed to keep the technical aspects of the case easy to understand and you showed patience and understanding when it was most needed. Finally, the outcome was as much as we had hoped for. The financial concerns that plagued us for all those years are now forgotten.”

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