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February 26, 2016

What to ask a lawyer at the first meeting

People are hurt every day and in most cases while they are participating in everyday activities. It’s easy to forget that risk of injury is present almost everywhere and with every decision that is made and even those that aren’t. Here we look at a recent accident and address common questions that are asked by clients.
February 22, 2016

More Lives Affected By Impaired Driving

Impaired driving continues to be the cause of numerous injuries and fatalities in Ontario. Stiffer fines and penalties seek to reduce the impact on accident victims and their families.
February 19, 2016

The Impact of Social Media and Surveillance on Your Claim

Sometimes simple status updates on social media and surveillance video of you engaged in innocent acts can have very negative impact on your personal injury case. Understand how you can help minimize these risks to your personal injury case.
February 18, 2016

Know Your Rights After Being Injured In An Accident

After a car accident, slip and fall or any other kind of accident, you may not be sure of what you or your family should do. Being informed of your compensatory rights will help you navigate through the recovery period and help you start your life over after a tragedy.
February 18, 2016

Drunk Driving Accidents and Wrongful Death

Driving while impaired is a choice that takes a terrible toll on the victims and families of the victims. Whether car accidents result in wrongful death or severe injuries, accident victims and their loved ones commonly suffer a long term impact that can never be undone.
February 18, 2016

Joint Liability In Car Accidents

The 2016 ruling in a recent Ottawa trial, Gardiner v MacDonald, has received much media attention, particularly with respect to the alleged negligence of a City of Ottawa bus driver in a fatal crash. The case addresses the issue of multiple causal factors and several defendants in the determination of liability and damages resulting from a car accident.
February 16, 2016

Fires and Personal Injury

Fires occur more commonly than most of us realize, and often cause personal injury within the home or on the job. When injuries result from another person’s carelessness or intent, we have the right to seek damages from the negligent party.
February 9, 2016

Who Will Pay If You Are Injured in a Hit-and-Run Car Accident?

Who Will Pay If You Are Injured in a Hit-and-Run Car Accident?
February 2, 2016

Choosing the right car seat for your child and installing it correctly

Because of their small stature and lack of muscle strength, children are vulnerable to greater injury when involved in a car accident. One way to help reduce this risk is to choose the right car seat, install it correctly and buckle them in safely.
February 1, 2016

Are You Discounting Your Injury Compensation?

The steps you take after an accident can dictate the successful outcome of your claim. Read how you can unknowingly minimize your not so visible injuries and learn how to avoid doing so.
January 26, 2016

What Are Your Rights As A Passenger?

Accidents unfortunately occur every day and while we often hear about the personal injury claims for drivers of the vehicles involved in the accident, what about the rights of the passengers who were injured? Here we look at the legal options available to passengers injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident.
January 19, 2016

Municipal Liability For Winter Driving Accidents

Snow accumulation along the Highway 416 shoulder may have contributed to a January 6th crash that took the life of an Ottawa man. What are the Municipality’s obligations in terms of keeping road users safe during winter driving conditions?
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