CAF LTD is a group insurance plan designed for Canadian Armed Forces personnel, managed by SISIP Financial and underwritten by Manulife. This insurance is specifically tailored for CAF members who have been medically released or deemed totally disabled upon release, and it offers coverage for both Regular Force and Reserve personnel.

As a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, you have dedicated your life to your country. You expect to have appropriate benefits for this contribution, so you never anticipated that there would be a problem with a legitimate claim to SISIP.

Common reasons why CAF / SISIP disability claims are denied

Failure to meet the test of disability
Disagreement with medical opinion
You are not following the treatment plan
Failure to follow claims procedures correctly
Insufficient medical evidence

If you wish to appeal, we can assist you

Your union or SISIP representative might suggest you go through the appeal process. While many appeals are unsuccessful, we can represent you in putting forward your appeal. Before taking any further steps after a claim denial, consult with our experienced lawyers. We'll carefully assess your situation, offering guidance tailored to your needs. Allow us to handle the complexities on your behalf, working diligently to secure the compensation you deserve during this challenging phase of your life.

Similarly, if your claim has been terminated while you're still dealing with a disability, don't simply accept the decision. Make sure you fully understand your rights and options before taking any further action.

Know your rights and act promptly

It is crucial not to delay when it comes to understanding and asserting your rights. Keep in mind that there is a limited timeframe to appeal or contest an insurance claim denial. Act swiftly to protect your interests.

Let our Experienced Lawyers Help

Our disability lawyers have handled many complex claims cases for members of the Canadian Armed Forces. 

 We understand how SISIP operates, and we are prepared to handle all aspects of your claim for you. 

It's understandable to feel weary of the ongoing battle, but don't let fatigue lead you to give up on your claim prematurely.

Let our lawyers advocate for your rights so that you can focus on yourself in these difficult times.

Bilingual Disability Lawyers with the Right Expertise to Represent You anywhere in Canada

While our offices are in Toronto, Ottawa, Hawkesbury and Waterloo, we can be by your side and on your side across Canada, handling matters in the Atlantic and Western provinces as well as Northern Ontario. There is no need for you to travel. We come to you, or we handle your case virtually.
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