Teachers, educators and support staff in Ontario have stressful jobs. Factors such as a shortage of resources, long working hours, and large class sizes add to the challenges they confront daily.

As a unionized employee with access to a long-term disability benefit plan, you take comfort knowing that you have financial protection provided with your difficult occupation in mind. However, what happens if your claim is unexpectedly denied or your benefits are terminated?

Ontario’s teachers, educational and support staff are covered by a number of insurers including the Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP), Manulife, Teachers Life and Sun Life.

Common reasons why Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP) and other education workers’ claims are denied

Failure to meet the test of disability
Disagreement with your doctor’s medical opinion
You are not following the insurer’s preferred treatment plan
Failure to follow claims procedures correctly
Insufficient medical evidence

Our disability lawyers have handled claim disputes with all insurers covering Ontario’s educational workers

Most of Ontario’s educational workers are covered for long term disability insurance by the Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (“OTIP”). If you became disabled before January 1, 2020 and are covered under the OTIP policy, Manulife and OTIP adjudicate your benefits. If you became disabled after January 1, 2020 and are covered under the OTIP plan, OTIP insures and adjudicates your benefit claim.

Other teachers and educational workers are covered by Teachers Life or Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. Regardless of who insures you, we have experience challenging your insurer’s decision to terminate or deny your claim.

Know your rights and act promptly

It is crucial not to delay when it comes to understanding and asserting your rights. Keep in mind that there is a limited timeframe to appeal or contest an insurance claim denial. Act swiftly to protect your interests.

Let our Experienced Lawyers Help

A representative may be available for Ontario teachers to help with the appeal process. You may be required to go through the appeal process before you can take your case to court. We can help you to understand this process so that you are prepared to challenge the decision if it is unsuccessful.

We know the Ontario civil judicial system well, and we have the right expertise to get you the compensation you deserve from your insurer.

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